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Grant Application

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Grant Application FAQ

Who is eligible to receive support in the form of a grant from Keep Live Alive Saint Louis?
Entertainment professionals in the St. Louis Region who are suffering financially due to the Covid-19 pandemic and loss of work. Any member of the live entertainment industry — on stage, off stage, front of house, back of house, in the office/on the road, tending bar, or parking cars — may request support from Keep Live Alive Saint Louis.
Can a business apply for a grant?
No, these grants are for individuals only
Can I apply more than once?
No, this is a one-time grant award of $1,000 USD per individual.
Can spouses, partners, family members, etc also apply?
Yes, however they must do so on a separate application.
Is my application and the information on it confidential?
Yes. The information you submit will not be shared with anyone outside the Keep Live Alive vetting team. At the conclusion of the grant project, the records will be kept in one place, and no information, including the resulting award information will be shared with anyone, other than the applicant regarding his or her own application.
How many recipients will receive grants?
The number of recipients depends on the net proceeds after fundraising and sponsorship efforts.
How long will the review process take?
The deadline to submit applications is May 1, 2021, and we expect the review process to take up to 60 days. We will do our best to work through applications as quickly as possible.
How are applicants chosen?
Keep Live Alive Saint Louis administered by the St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, will select recipients based on an objective, point-based determination of need.
How much will I receive if my application is approved?
You will receive a one-time grant of $1,000 USD.
Is the grant money taxable?
No. This is a one-time gift, but please consult your tax advisor.
What documentation will I need to supply?
All household W-2s, 1099s, or other income documentation for 2020 and two of the previous four years from 2016-2019. Please black out personally identifiable information like social security numbers and birth dates
How can grants be used?
Grant money is to be used for living expenses. We realize those needs might vary by individual, the money CANNOT be used for:
  • Buying new real estate
  • Making investments or loans
  • Making contributions to, or on behalf of, political parties, political committees or candidates for election
When will I receive the money if I am awarded a grant?
All grant recipients will be notified by June 30, 2021.
Will I be notified if I am not awarded a grant?
No. Due to the volume of grant applications, only applicants selected will be notified.
Who can I contact with questions?
Please email with any questions about the application process.
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